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Frequently Asked Questions


Can we bring our own alcoholic beverages for non-wine-drinkers?
No. We're sorry, but bringing your own alcohol onto our property is not allowed as per Missouri liquor laws and our insurance company. We do offer a variety of cold beers as well as water and tea for purchase. You are welcome to bring soda, water or other non-alcoholic drinks such as juice for your kids.


Can we eat and drink outside?

Absolutely! Our standard policy of "No Outside Beverages" doesn't mean that you can't enjoy what you buy from the winery outdoors, but that just that you shouldn't bring your own alcohol in from "outside" the winery gates. The lakeside seating areas are a wonderful place to relax and enjoy our wines.


Do you have food for sale?
Yes, we have pre-packaged gourmet cheese and sausage and crackers. You may also bring your own picnic basket of food. However, bringing your own alcoholic beverages is not allowed (see above).


Can we bring our kids with us? What about our dog?

Certainly, but children 16 and under must be WITH an adult at all times. Please do not allow children or pets to roam freely. We have ducks who visit our lake as well and they can be fed, but please don't try and pet them. We recently had a duck injured severely by a person. Well-behaved dogs on leashes are welcome, too.


Golden Days wine bottleHow much does your wine tasting cost?
Your first 3 wine tastings are complimentary for adults over 21. After that you may taste what we have open for $10 and keep the tasting glass! We love to help you discover new wines that you like!


Do you make the wines you sell?

Yes! Serenity Vallery Winery wines are hand-crafted in small quantities. All wines are fermented and bottled right here at the winery, allowing our visitors to observe a continuous wine-making facility. We have a number of award winning wines (see our Wine List page).


Are you available for private parties?

Yes, we open the winery to private parties such as business and individuals. Many groups come for wine tasting or even wine making sessions - it's a great team builder.


Do I need a reservation for a group?

We have PLENTY of space. If you have a large group coming, call ahead to let us know so that we can have adequate staffing available to serve you, but rest assured that we will have room for you. If you would like to reserve a portion of the property during regular hours, such as for a wedding, there is a minimum charge.


Golden Days wine bottleOK, but what about a LARGE group?

SVW is a perfect venue for Mizzou Mom's Weekends, sorority/fraternity reunions, tours and other large group events. Buses are welcome but please call us that we can plan the arrivals with you so that everyone is not disembarking all at once.


Are you open during weddings?

Yes, weddings may have the reception tent reserved but the main building is open for wine tasting and you are welcome to enjoy your wine on all our patio areas. Occaisionally, we will close one hour early for a wedding, so just arrive more than an hour before our normal closing time and you'll be fine.


Are you on the Missouri River Wine Trail?

Yes, we are part of the Missouri River Wine Trail, also called the Wine Strausse. We participate in local winery activiites throughout the year. Conveniently located just south of I-70, you can get to the winery from either the Fulton or Columbia side.


Can I have my wedding and/or reception at the winery?

Serenity Valley Winery is a popular spot for both weddings and receptions. Call us to discuss the wedding options we have available. We also work frequently with othe wedding vendors, such as bands and DJs and may be able to help you with other services you need as well. Please see our specific Weddings at the Winery page for current wedding and reception policies and options.


Where can I buy your wines besides at the winery in Millersburg?
An increasing number of retail stores in Missouri carry our wines. See our Store List page. Not all stores carry all wines, so please let the store manager know if they do not carry your favorites. If you have a store that you would like to see our wines in, please email us as well as put a request in to the Manager at that location. We'd love to have our wines available for when you are unable to visit the winery property!


Golden Days wine bottleDo you have a gift shop?

No, but creatively themed wine gift baskets can be made to order, upon request, with advanced notice.


Do you have a mailing list or some way for us to be notified of special events at the winery?

Yes, you may join our mailing list or like our Facebook Page, which is where we usually post about upcoming winery events, which are sometimes located off the property.


Is the winery near me?

Find out just how close the winery is to where you are using this map. Whether you're coming from Columbia or Fulton, we're just a short drive in between and well worth any trip!


Is smoking allowed?

For the comfort and safety of all our guests, smoking is allowed in designated areas. There is no smoking in the winery building or under the tent(s). Please respect non-smokers and sit in area downwind from the other guests so they do not have smoke blowing at them.