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* We ARE open during weddings but occaisionally close 1 hour early. You are welcome to come on in at least an hour before close!




** Please do not **
**bring your own**
** alcohol. **

Food picnic baskets are OK & we have meat/cheese/crackers.

Children 16 and under must be WITH an adult at all times...

Please Do Not Allow Children or Pets to roam freely. DUCKS CAN BE FED, BUT DO NOT PET.

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Bridal and Wedding Showers at the Winery

Bridal shower venue

Wineries are a great place for a wedding and/or reception, especially our beautiful mid-Missouri location along the Missouri River Wine Trail. We'd love to be your outdoor wedding venue.


Weddings are the most special of times. For such a special occasion, why not serve a customized bottle of our award-winning wine at your wedding or giving it as a unique personalized wedding favor? Making your personalized wine is a wonderful experience, from choosing your variety, to bottling, corking and labeling your wine! At Serenity Valley Winery, you can customize a wine by the bottle or by the batch.


How to Plan for Your Personalized Wine:

Plan ahead – If you are looking to make one or more batches of wine: Fruit wines take about 4 weeks to ferment; white wines 6 weeks; and red wines 8 weeks.  Additionally, white wines need to be aged after bottling for a few weeks to a month, red wines  need to be aged 2 - 4 months. Fruit wines are ready about 1 week after bottling.


  • Call Serenity Valley to book your appointment or stop by the winery anytime during normal business hours.
  • Bring in any samples of your colors or photos to match labels and foils.
  • Bring in your wedding menu so we can help you match your wine with your food.
  • Taste our many varietals, choose the one you love, and start your batch of wine that day!
  • Book an appointment for bottling.
  • Bottle, label and shrink your wine.
  • Enjoy your wedding!

Serenity Valley is an ideal location for your wedding or reception, as we are in a central Missouri location. We can help you with directions from Osage Beach, St. Louis, Columbia, Jefferson City or wherever your guests are coming from.

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