Serenity Valley Winery wine list

Serenity Valley Wine List

Serenity Valley Winery produces a wide variety of white, red, and specialty boutique wines. All our wines are fermented and bottled on site, hand crafted in small quantities. Come in and taste the differences or view locations WHERE YOU CAN BUY if you can't make it out the winery.


Seasonal Wines


Keep coming back so that you can taste our seasonal wines! For instance, we might feature a Pumpkin Pie sweet white wine in the fall or a Strawberry sweet white wine in the spring.


Boutique Wines

Bronze medal winning wine Black Gold


Touch of Black 'N' Gold (Black Currant semi-sweet red wine)
The velvety softness of merlot mixed with black currants. A delicious surprise!

Double Gold Medal Sigh No More award winning wine  Sigh No More Sigh No More (Raspberry/Acai Berry semi-sweet red wine)
It will take you to the tropics!

Double Gold medal winner at the 2016 Fingerlakes International Wine Competition.


award winning wine Black Gold

Fiery Opal (Cranberry semi-sweet red wine)
Deliciously satisfying, the crisp tart burst of ripe cranberries, folded into the rich fullness of Shiraz.

award winning wine Spring Blossomsaward winning wine Spring BlossomsSpring Blossoms (Green Apple, sweet white)
Slightly sweet, a light fruity, crisp wine with hints of green apples. Great for casual sipping.
Winner of a silver medal from the 2010 Missouri Governor's Cup and a bronze medal from the 2010 Indy International Wine Competition!!

award winning wine Perfect PairPerfect Pair (Pear, semi-sweet white wine)
A combination of our well-established riesling, combined with all the aromas and characteristics of fresh pear. Starts out sweet and finishes a touch dry. This is the favorite for both sweet and dry wine drinkers. Winner of a silver medal at the 2011 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition!

award winning wine Velvet Rhapsodyaward winning wine Velvet RhapsodyVelvet Rhaspody (Raspberry semi-sweet red wine)
Described by our patrons as warm, lushious, and euphoric, this specialty wine combines the characteristics of our deep red wines with raspberry and a hint of chocolate. Winner of a gold medal at the 2011 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition and a silver from the 2010 Indy International Wine Competition!!

Jammin' Berry (Blackberry sweet red wine)
Sweet and aromatic Bordeaux-style wine with overtones of blackberry, best served chilled.

award winning wine SerenadeLil' Bit of Heaven (red wine)
Silver medal winner at the 2013 Fingerlakes International Wine Competition, made from Gamay grapes for a fruity aroma and flavor.

award winning wine SerenadeSerenade (Peach/Apricot sweet white wine)
Serenading your senses! Our popular peach chardonnay with a hint of apricot.


Read more about our AWARD WINNERS here.


White Wines

Shimmering Falls (dry white wine)
A classic, light dry French style wine. Floral nose with subtle hints of lavender and spicy finish. Excellent with seafood and well-seasoned poultry dishes.

Dorf Geheimnis Village Secret (off-dry white)
A fragrant and robust wine popular in Germany and the Alsace region of France. Full bodied, fruity and spicy.

Summer Breeze (Pinot Grigio white)

Red Wines

Inspiration (med/dry red)
An excellent combination of the strength of character of Cabernet merged with the earthy mellow flavor of a European-style Merlot. A favorite!

Enchanting Enigma (dry red)
A delightfully smooth, medium-bodied wine. The soft, velvety finish will leave you with a satisfied smile at the dining table.

Perfection at Dusk (light-dry red)
Delicate and delicious. The Pinot Noir has been famous for centuries, first in Burgandy, France. For some reason, our wine was not mentioned in the movie “Sideways”; it must have been the filming location being outside of Missouri!

Tempestuous (dark red)
Rich and dark red wine.

Moonlight Mystery (dry red)
Rich Italian red wine, complex with raisin overtones.

Golden Days wine bottle Perfect Pair wine bottle Little Bit of Heaven wine Sweetheart wine bottle Serenade wine bottle Enchanting Enigma wine bottle Sign No More wine bottle Escape wine bottle