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Sat 8/19

Vendors, Open for camping
Sun 8/20 7-10p Live Music, Balloon Glow, Food Trucks +
Mon 8/21 All Day - DJ, Food Trucks, Yard Games, Vendors






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Food picnic baskets are OK & we have meat/cheese/crackers.

Children 16 and under must be WITH an adult at all times...

Please Do Not Allow Children or Pets to roam freely. DUCKS CAN BE FED, BUT DO NOT PET.

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Wine Making Parties at Serenity Valley

At Serenity Valley Winery, you can create your own wine in a fun and innovative manner. Wine can be started, fermented, crafted and then bottled in small quantities that are known as batches. Depending on your wishes, this wine making process can be performed by an individual, groups and even as a "Wine Making Party!"

distilling wineWhat is a Wine Making Party?

Many of our customers combine the wine making experience with an opportunity to socialize with friends, family, and neighbors. Serenity comfortably handles 30+ guests. Beer, wine, and soft drinks are available. The most commonly chosen steps in the wine making process are: selecting the wine to make, an informative and fun introduction to wine making, audience participation in making a batch of wine, and most importantly, having a great time!

What is a Batch of wine?

A batch of wine will make up to 25 or 30 bottles, depending on the grape variety you select. Each batch you create includes one (1) customized label design and enough labels to apply to each bottle. SVW also can produce multiple additional label designs for the standard label design fee.

Can I have my own personalized labels?

Absolutely! We can help you design special labels just for the batch you are making.
See a small sample of labels on our Custom Wine Labels page.


Wine pouring


bottle the wine


cork the wine


enjoy the custom wine!


How long does it take to make a batch of wine?

The first step of creating a batch of wine can be performed in one short session. The amount of time between start to finish of the wine can be as short as six (6) to eight (8) weeks, depending on variety. Once the wine is finished, the customer will be able to bottle the wine. There are several intermediate steps between start and finish of a batch of wine that the customer has the option to participate in. The final step is the customer bottling their wine. This is so much fun that it is another opportunity to have a party, a Bottling Party!

Call for pricing, which begins at $300 for 25-30 bottles. Price depends on the variety selected.



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